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FRS Failover Regulator Switch 5A-Plus

FRS Failover Regulator Switch 5A-Plus FRS Failover Regulator Switch 5A-Plus


Operating Voltage4~9v
Max Load5A cont.
Voltage Loss0.35v
Voltage stabilization+/- .1v

Specs:, Power Supply:, One or Two 2S 7.4v Lipoly,


The HobbyKing Regulator switch is an easy and convenient way to add dual power redundancy to your electronics system. Simply use a pair of 7.4v Lipoly batteries and the system will provide dual 5.9v power outputs. The dual outputs can be used for 2 receivers or with a single receiver by using only one power output. In the case of a single output/single receiver configuration the output being used is supplied power by both batteries or a single battery in the case of a battery failure.
This system provides a stabilized voltage of 5.9v. Perfect for 6v Rx systems. This design enables you to use the latest lightweight Lithium-Polymer cells without exceeding the maximum voltage of 6.0 Volts.
The Hobbyking Sensor is equipped with LED power-on indicators for both power circuits. If you switch one battery on, the associated green LED glows. When both batteries are active, both LEDs light up.
The total voltage loss in the HobbyKing Sensor is about .35v which is so low that the volume of waste heat is almost negligible. The maximum continuous current is 5A which means it can easily handle up to 8 servos. However the rated continuous current of 5A does not reflect the capacity of the electronics which can handle much more for short periods, depending on ambient air temperature.
Do not allow the heat sink to exceed 60 Celsius

You cannot manually switch the current from one battery to the other, this is done automatically within the system.
The control functions consist of three push-buttons, two green LED’s and one red LED.
The buttons are marked SET, I and II.
The ‘SET’ button is to prepare the system. Holding the SET button in for 2 seconds ‘arms’ both internal switches, this will be shown by the red LED. After you have armed the system, press either or both I, II buttons to activate each battery.
Press and hold ‘SET’ to switch the system off again.

Found 5 years, 2 months ago at HobbyKing
Price $14.16