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ImmersionRC - Tiny Telemetry

Price $139.99


User Manualtinytel.pdf



The TinyTelemetry is another unique product from ImmersionRC. With the weight of only 15 grams and the size of 65 x 7 x 7 mm this is a perfect companion for small FPV planes where the weight is critical and antenna tracking is needed.

High Speed 10Hz GPS

Lost Model Recovery

Model location on a Smartphone based Moving-Map

Plug and play with all ImmersionRC transmitters

Antenna Tracking Support for all models

The TinyTelemetry is the ideal way to stream ImmersionRC-compatible telemetry down from a model. Especially useful for quadcopters, the highly integrated device, with built-in 10Hz GPS can be used to to stream telemetry data to a smartphone, or a PC. Using the audio channel of the A/V downlink, the telemetry data is preserved even when recording the video/audio stream with a DVR, allowing for flight mapping to be performed in the future.

Works well as a lost-model finder. Before a model is lost, recorded telemetry can show the model's trajectory, and can be used to estimate the crash site. After a model is lost, assuming the A/V Tx is still transmitting, the TinyTelemetry, when coupled with the iTelemetryFPV (or android version) application may be used to pinpoint exactly where the model went down. Useful for locating those 'Flyaway quads'.

The Supplied lightweight current sensor can be used to keep track of battery voltage and consumption, streaming the data down to the groundstation, where the smart phone can display it.

Also useful as a source of telemetry data for antenna tracking. Equip a quad with the TinyTelemetry, and a high gain ground-based antenna can greatly increase flight range!

Found 3 years, 9 months ago at ReadyMadeRC
Price $139.99