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5.5HP 53cc Twin Cylinder Gas Engine

Price $335.64


Suggested prop22x8 ~ 22x10
Spark PlugCM-6
Bore/Stroke34 x 29mm
Weight1.477kg Including CDI unit
Fuel2 Stroke oil/fuel mix (25

Specification:, CDI Electronic Ignition with auto advance,


The new 53cc twin boxer engine has two horizontally opposed 26.5cc cylinders providing 5.5hp of low vibration power.
The two cylinders dynamically balance the engine, making it a smoother running and more reliable idling engine than a single bore motor of the same size. Having double the spark this engine not only idles better, it also has quicker throttle response and a much nicer exhaust note!
Take note of the CNC machined crank and finely cast cylinder head. This is a quality motor!
Walbro Carburettor
Walbro membrane pump carburetor with manual choke!
Automatic advancing electronic ignition!

For more power use unleaded fuel with an octane rating of 93 or higher.
Never power the CDI with more than 6v. Doing so will break the CDI module. Take note of your battery packs true voltage when fully charged.

Found 5 years, 1 month ago at HobbyKing
Price $335.64