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52cc Gas engine w/ CD-Ignition 3.2kwplus Overbore

Price $169.99


Carburettor(Japanese Walbro) Diaphragm & Butterfly valve.
Prop Speed1700 ~ 7800rpm
Max powerOver 3.2kw
Suggested prop20x8, 20x10, 22x8 or larger
IgnitionDC-CD (6v)
Bore/StrokeUnknown x 31 mm
Size170mm long, 215mm wide, 215mm high (Including baffle)
Mount hole64mm x 64mm
***NoteNew improved black head version is now being shipped.

Mixture: 25:1 to 40:1,


Gas engine
The TGY52 Overbore is the same weight as the 45cc, however it has a larger piston, liner and crank case giving it more capacity and thus More Power. As the saying goes..
There is no replacement for displacement!
All engines come pre-tested and tuned from the factory.
This is no weed-whacker or modified scooter motor, it was built from the ground up to be a competative large scale R/C gas plane engine, because of this it has an excellent power to weight ratio, giving it the ability to be used for large scale 3D flight.
Unique and quality features which make this an outstanding engine are;
Walbro (Japanese) carburettor. Easy to tune, instant throttle response.
CNC Milled crank-case. Precise, light weight yet strong.
CNC Lathed prop shaft. Light weight yet strong.
Twin reed valves. A must have for powerful 2-stroke gas engines.
CDI system. Electrinic Ignition makes starting a breeze!
The exciting thing about gas motors such as this one, is that they improve with age, giving increased power output. Treated well, these engines will last for many years.
This motor will suit most planes designed for a 30-50cc enigne. The motor is compact and light and will fit inside most cowls designed for these types of motors.
All motors are tested, tuned and broken in for 7 minutes at the factory and will smell like gasoline when you receive it. This is normal.
We already stock a full range of parts for this engine! Search for 'FTL52' parts in our search box or visit the gas engine parts category.

Found 5 years, 2 months ago at HobbyKing
Price $169.99