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Ofna Force .26 SG P4 Pull Start OFN52215

Price $161.99


, Displacement:, .21cu in (4.26cc), Bore:, 18.2mm, Stroke:, 16mm, Output:, 2.6ps @ 25,000 RPM, Practical Range:, 3,000-28,000 RPM, Distance between mounting holes same side:, .43" (11mm), Distance between mounting holes opposite side:, 1.5" (38mm), Height/bottom of crankcase to top of cylinder head:, 4.3" (110mm), Height/bottom of mounting ears to top of cylinder head:, 3.7" (95mm), Length from starter to end of crankshaft:, 4.5" (114mm), Length from starter to front bearing:, 3.3" (83mm), Width of mounting ears:, 1.8" (46mm), Exhaust outlet diameter:, .59" (15mm), Carb intake diameter:, .53" (13.5mm), ,


Ofna .26 pull start engine has ABC piston and liner construction. Slide valve carburetor with main and throttle needle valves adjustable with a screwdriver. Threaded (SG) style crankshaft. Rear exhaust. 11 fin anodized purple cylinder head. This package includes one Ofna Force .26 Pull Start R/C Vehicle Engine with brass crankshaft washer, rubber header gasket and instruction sheet.

Long glow plug without idle bar
20% car fuel for break-in

Found 5 years, 8 months ago at RCPlanet
Price $161.99