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12 ft. Telemaster Laser Cut Kit

Price $899.99


Technical SpecificationsWingspan
Wing Area3033.5 sq. in.
FunctionsElevator,Aileron,Rudder,Throttle,Flaps,Options Bay Doors

How To Videos:, ,


A Revolution in Kit Building
The 12' Telemaster kit is a total re-engineering of the classic 12' Tele, but the only things that are the same is the Telemaster name and wingspan. Everything has been re-worked for ease of construction and assembly both in the build process and more importantly at the flying field. We are using a 2-piece wing design that slides onto an aluminum spar joiner and locks securely in place without the need for any tools or loose parts. The struts are equally easy and quick to install, again no loose parts to drop or forget, just rotate the base into position and snap the upper strut ends to the wing attachment, it takes less than 3 minutes to assemble and even less time to disassemble. Watch the videos below to see.
The construction of this very large airplane is a major task and requires a fairly large workspace and good organization by the builder. There are 86 laser cut sheets of balsa and plywood, the laser time on each kit exceeds 7 hours! Each assembly is broken down into small steps and covered in the photo-illustrated manual and on the full size plans. The plans come in 4 large sheets. You don't need a lot of specialized tools, but some wood clamps and a good plane for shaping the leading edge of flying surfaces. There is an extensive hardware pack with the 12'Telemaster that includes all the various blind nuts and bolts required as well as the Robart hinge points that are used throughout the kit. The formed aluminum landing gear is included as well as the 1/4" axles. The tail wheel assembly is included, the wheels and tires are not included.
The complete candy drop box is included and it can carry up to about 7lbs of candy. The drop box is divided into two sections and the doors can be opened individually for separate drops on a single mission. The ailerons and flaps are large built-up units, this keeps them light and warp free. The flaps can be dropped to about 80 degrees and this will stop the airplane if it's pointed into a breeze. This is great for rapid descents from altitude without gaining a lot of speed, perfect if you are using your 12 footer as a tow plane.

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Price $899.99