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F3A Patternish Ship - 910mm (ARF)

Price $29.25
F3A Patternish Ship - 910mm (ARF) F3A Patternish Ship - 910mm (ARF) F3A Patternish Ship - 910mm (ARF) F3A Patternish Ship - 910mm (ARF) F3A Patternish Ship - 910mm (ARF)


Wing area16.3dm2
ESC20A  (Required)
Servos3x9g  (Required)
RequiredTX & RX

Motor:, 2714-1300kv brushless outrunner (Required), Battery compartment size:, 100(L)x43(W)x20(D)mm, Motor:, 2714-1300kv brushless outrunner,


Hailing from a small yet "Beautiful island" off the cost of Taiwan the Accipiter Badius is considered in some circles to be a "bird of prey" however, we feel that the “shape” of this sea fairing vessel of the skies is simple yet elegant enough to become one of your favorites!
If your looking for an inexpensive park-flyer to practice and hone your F3A flying skills, without the fear of lawn darting a months salary because of an over zealous maneuver, then we have just the model for you!
All that is required to have this little pattern ship doing Cuban 8s at your local field is your own 4 channel transmitter and receiver (Tx/Rx) a 1000~1300mAh 11.1v 3S1p Lipoly battery, a 1300kv Bell type motor, 20A esc and 3 9gram servos.
11.1V 1000~1300mah 3S Lipoly

Found 5 years, 2 months ago at HobbyKing
Price $29.25