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Ryan STA EPO (Blue and Yellow) PNF

Price $59.95
Ryan STA EPO (Blue and Yellow) PNF Ryan STA EPO (Blue and Yellow) PNF Ryan STA EPO (Blue and Yellow) PNF Ryan STA EPO (Blue and Yellow) PNF Ryan STA EPO (Blue and Yellow) PNF


Flying Weight670g
Motor3128 1100
Servo9g x 4
IncludesBrushless Motor,

Specs:, :30A w/BEC, Requires:, Your Own 4ch~6ch TX/,


The Ryan STA is an icon of the golden age of aviation, quickly replacing the attractive but under-powered Ryan ST (Sports Trainer), the STA (Sport Trainer Aerobatic) won the 1937 International Aerobatic Championship, leading to immediate interest from the US military, if you are lucky, you can still see one of these fantastic looking aircraft doing the air show circuits.

On the other hand, you could own and fly your own! We loved the Ryan STA Plug n Fly so much when testing that it became a firm favorite with all the team. Made from tough
, we have really put this model through its paces and it is still going strong! Scale detail is impressive for a foam model, the huge wheel pants, rigging wire, panel lines and wing struts give an impression of a much larger model, both in the air and on the ground.

There is plenty of power from the pre-fitted motor for classic aerobatics like stall turns & barrel rolls, yet the generous STA wing area makes for a superbly balanced model that is just as happy flying at scale speed. Likewise, the pre-fitted servo/control surface combination is perfect, the result is one of the smoothest
models you are ever likely to fly.

4 Channel

and Servos
Hardware (Control rods, horns etc)
Full Photo Instruction Book

1300mAh 3s

Found 5 years ago at HobbyKing
Price $59.95